Maple Leaf Cricket Club- 50 years later

Constitutional Highlights



  1. To maintain grounds and facilities for the playing of cricket and others sports.
  2. to establish, maintain and conduct cricket, country and social club and to promote the welfare of the members thereof.
  3. to accept donations, legacies and bequest and
  4. to erect and maintain a clubhouse and other buildings


?      A Corporation duly incorporated under the laws of the province of Ontario

?      The property is held in Trust But is the day to day management rest with the board.

o        Upon the winding up or termination of the MLCC Inc. the trust shall terminate and the net assets be divided up as follows.

o        50% to the Canadian Cricket Association

o        50% equally to the following schools (actively participating in the sport of cricket at the time of termination)

?         St. Andrew?s College ? Aurora

?         Hillfield School ? Hamilton

?         Lakefield College ? Lakefield

?         Apply by  College ? Oakville

?         Trinity College ? Port Hope

?         Bishop Ridley College ? St. Catherine?s

?         Upper Canada College ? Toronto

?      The Trustees must ensure the property (Property is describe as ?Land on rear part of Lot 11, in the Second Concession of the Township of King, in the County of York ) is protected for the sole purpose of playing cricket in Ontario.

?      The Trustee do not have the right to sell or dispose of the playing facilities without ratification from at least two-thirds (2/3) of the ordinary members.


By-laws were confirmed at the members meeting of the corporation on the 31t day of May 1961.


Board of Directors:

?      The affairs of the corporation shall be managed by a board of nine (9)

o        3 shall be elected by the ex-officio members (T&D board members)

o        3 shall be elected be the members of the corporation approved by those active member clubs of the Toronto and District Cricket Association whose home ground is King City.

o        3 shall be elected be the members of the corporation approved by those active member clubs of the Toronto and District Cricket Association whose  home ground is not King City

o        The directors shall receive no remuneration for acting as such.



?      at each AGM one director from each categories shall be elected to hold office for 3 years.

?      Nomination for office shall be in writing and delivery 3 days before the AGM

?      The ordinary members of the corporation shall not be more than the number of active member clubs in the T&DCA.  When clubs leave T&DCA the automatically cease to be members of MLCC.

?      Each member of the Board of Governors of the T&DCA shall be an ex-officio member of the Corporation.  Each said member shall not be entitled to vote at the AGM nor to participate in distribution of property.

?      A Special meeting of the members of the Corporation may be called by the board of directors, the president or vice ?president an shall be called by the Secretary at the request of (1/3) one third of the combine ordinary and ex-officio members of the corporation.


Quorum of members

?      A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of members shall consist of not less than a total of 25% of the ordinary members, in good standing, represented by delegate.

?      Each member of the Corporation shall appoint one or more delegate(s) to exercise its votes.  Such delegate before voting must produce and deposit with the secretary sufficient appointment in writing from his constituent.

?      At all meeting a question shall be decided by a majority of the votes by the delegates present in person.

?      Fiscal shall terminate on the 31st day of October


Indemnity of the Directors and officers:

?      Every directors or officer of the corporation and his heirs, executors and administrators, and estate and effects, respectively, shall from time to time and at all times, be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the corporation.


Brief background on relationship between MLCC and T&DCA.


     In 1954 a property with 22 acres was located in King City to provide a permanent home for Ontario Cricket.  Funds were raised, with the cooperation of the Canadian Cricket Association and the Ontario Cricket Association, by Clubs in the Toronto & District Cricket Association.   Maple Leaf Cricket Club received its charter from the Province of Ontario as a non profit organisation on February 3 1961.  Maple Leaf Cricket Club provides facilities and a social centre for the multi - ethnic cricketing population.  It is not a Club fielding its own Teams. 


     In the late 1950's and early 1960's the grounds were levelled and grass wickets prepared by volunteer work by members of Clubs based at King City: The other Clubs which are still playing that contributed to Maple Leaf?s initial expenses are:


  1. Overseas,
  2. St.Edmunds
  3. Dovercourt. 
  4. Yorkshire,
  5. West Indians,
  6. Toronto and
  7. Grace Church.


Shale wickets were installed in the late 1960's and early 1970's. 


The five shale pitches are the home grounds to about 19 of the Toronto and District's league teams and so host about 35% of the league's scheduled matches.  During the season Teams from Durham, Halton as well as Greater Toronto use the grounds for league play.  All levels of playing ability are represented.  The grounds are used for some Schools activity.  A regular feature of the season is the Ontario inter-league competition in which representative teams from the Toronto & District League, the Hamilton and District league, the Southern Ontario League and the Ottawa Valley league compete.  In addition four grass wickets were installed  in 1998 on the property so that the Maple Leaf grounds could be a major host for the 2001 International Cricket Conference's qualifying tournament for the 2002 World Cup.  The grass wickets are now used for league, Provincial Championships, National Championships and International Tournaments.  The grounds are also used for social events by Cricket Teams or by other community groups not related to Cricket.


The operation of Maple Leaf is funded by the member Clubs of the MLCC was formed some 50 years ago to manage the facility at King City purchase with the money from all the Clubs in T&DCA (see original 7 above).  Since then the T&DCA has been the primary source of funding for payment of the mortgage and other general maintenance of the property. 

  • An average the teams in T&D pay approximately $1,000 each or an annual avg. of over $70,000 per year. 
  • Over the past 50 some years that works out to be $2.4 Million dollars of investment by T&DCA teams only.  Additionally all the clubs in T&D pay a parking fee of $2.00 per car to park King City on game day for all league games (this $2 fee was to be used to paved the parking area but after 15 year no improvement have been done yet).
  • Recently T&DCA donated a $43,000+ piece of equipment for maintenance of the Turf pitches at King City at no fee.


The OCA and CCA have been the other two contributors and source of revenue for maintaining the property. 

  • The CCA for the 2001 ICC trophy invested close to $200,000 in installing turf pitches and providing rollers and other equipment. 


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