2018 Promotion & Demotion Rules
05 Jun 2018
Super9/Elite: Last ranked team in Super 9 will be demoted to Elite. Elite Division Playoff champion will be promoted to Super 9 only if they don’t have a Super 9 team. In case Elite division playoff champion already has a team in Super 9, the team that is next in line in playoffs that doesn’t have a Super 9 team will face the last placed Super 9 team in a specially arranged playoff match. The winner of this match will be promoted to Super 9.

Elite/Premier/1st/2nd: Last ranked team during regular season in the conference will be demoted to next level down.

Premier/1st/2nd/3rd: Winner of Conference playoffs will be promoted to next level up.


Playoffs will be within conference


SF1: 1 vs 4, SF2: 2 vs 3

Conference Final: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2

Division Final: Conference 1 playoff winner vs Conference 2 playoff winner

a) Playoffs will be within conference

b) One reserve (rain) day for final only, if match was not complete it will start fresh the next day

c) If the reserve (rain) day gets washed out then the team ranked higher in regular season moves to next round

d) Ranking will be done in order as 

   1.Total points, if equal, 

   2.Number of wins, if still equal


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