2017 Playoff, Promotion/Demotion structure
09 Jun 2017

Super 9 : Bottom 2 teams in regular season get demoted to Elite

Playoff: SF1: 1 vs 4, SF2: 2 vs 3

Final: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2


Top division in the league can have only ONE team per club


Elite, Premier, 1st, 2nd and 3rd: Playoff champion from each conference get promoted to next higher level and Bottom team in regular season from each conference gets demoted to next lower level

Playoffs will be within conference; conference playoff champion get promoted

SF1: 1 vs 4, SF2: 2 vs 3

Conference Final: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2; Winner gets promoted

Division Final: Conference 1 playoff winner vs Conference 2 playoff winner


a) Playoffs will be within conference

b) One reserve (rain) day for each playoff match, if a match was not complete it will start fresh the next day

c) If the reserve (rain) day gets washed out then the team ranked higher in regular season moves to next round

d) Ranking will be done in order as 

  • Total points, if equal, 
  • # of wins, if still equal 
  • NRR
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